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If you have material for this blog (which would be much appreciated), please email text and photos to the Blog Administrator:

Text can be in the body of the email, or in Word or other commonly used text format. We prefer original, unaltered, full-sized photos. If the number of photos is too large for email, we recommend (free and requires no registration, although they have reduced their free limit to 35 MB). Please do not embed photos in Word (which significantly degrades them) except to show how they relate to the text (always send photos separately).

Submitting your material to this blog constitutes your agreement, unless you state otherwise, that the Natural Arch and Bridge Society (NABS) may use your material for any purpose, including granting use of such material to third parties (and in particular, the World Arch Database). NABS never uses its material for commercial purposes.

We will provide you with full credit including your full name and any relevant URL, unless you request us not to. We will not post your email address unless you specifically request that we do so.

You may also post comments. Comments are moderated due to very high volumes of spam on comment forms. If you think your comment may have been removed by our spam filter, please contact us at:

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