Selected Natural Arches by Country or US State



N 11S-705180-3983555

Liberty Bell Arch

N 11S-736087-3834611

Picture Rock Window

N 11S-741500-3892120

Hualapai Arch

N 12S-230420-3721015

The Eagles Eye

N 12S-258296-4094444

Shivwits Arch

N 12S-299410-3752260

The Eagles Beak

N 12S-338726-3546077

Ajo Window

N 12S-405715-4074080

Vermillion Arch

N 12S-406355-4079165


N 12S-410520-4094320

Joannes Arch

N 12S-410535-4094325

Dannys Arch

N 12S-412161-3702260

Hole in the Rock

N 12S-414786-3997662

Angels Window

N 12S-421330-3863380

Fay Canyon Arch

N 12S-424340-4088350

Hole in the Rock

N 12S-426196-3862001

Devils Bridge

N 12S-429790-3866830

Vultee Arch

N 12S-430620-4091240

Wrather Arch

N 12S-431295-3866565

Indian Head Arch

N 12R-432845-3496365

Nachi Kulik

N 12S-457980-3797766

Tonto Natural Bridge

N 12S-463240-4047275

Hole in Rock

N 12S-474265-4085565

Navajo Arch

N 12S-481450-4091330

Diagenetic Arch

N 12S-483910-4054225

Sitting Lizard Arch

N 12S-491560-4073310

Tsai Skizzi

N 12S-498455-4045170

White Craig Arch

N 12S-500700-4083800

Arch in the Sky

N 12S-501550-4066940

Buffalo Rock

N 12S-502219-4036505

White Mesa Arch

N 12S-503400-4077600

Mikes Arch

N 12S-503880-4044710

Margaret Arch

N 12S-505620-4093005

Quick Arch

N 12S-518690-4059579

Egg Shell Arch

N 12S-528092-3582296

Rocky Arch

N 12S-573366-4082815

Honeymoon Arch

N 12S-576460-4086120

The Spectacles (SW)

N 12S-576480-4086145

The Spectacles (NE)

N 12S-576782-4085460

Full Moon Arch

N 12S-586417-4082468

Clara Bernheimer Natural Bridge

N 12S-591660-4082730

Skeleton Arch

N 12S-595375-4085410

Genevieves Arch

N 12S-595580-4085375

Sunrise Arch

N 12S-596180-4086020


N 12S-599560-4090845

Forbidden Arch

N 12S-610075-3885742 (f)

Onyx Bridge

N 12S-610213-3861805

Agate Bridge

N 12S-613821-3866501

Keystone Bridge

N 12S-617010-4016640


N 12S-617310-4006290


N 12S-617730-4015685

Window Rock

N 12S-617873-4007174

Hope Arch

N 12S-617910-4027860

Window Rock

N 12S-627180-4083765

Window Rock

N 12S-628680-4053930

Rock Window

N 12S-629195-4040060

Window Rock

N 12S-634670-4000920


N 12S-638100-4002925


N 12S-644364-3997189

The Window

N 12S-644551-3987068

Three Turkey Natural Bridge

N 12S-653098-4054469


N 12S-657183-4052730

Royal Arch

N 12S-658430-4053465


N 12S-659740-4054110 (f)


N 12S-662460-4062690

Blackhorse Arch

N 12S-663016-3542279

Whitetail Arch

N 12S-665230-4058150

Elephant Rock

N 12S-671450-3953306

Black Rock Natural Bridge

N 12S-676560-3950492

Window Rock


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