Selected Natural Arches by Country or US State



N 48R-587640-2962120


N 48R-588100-2887000

Long Gong Dong (Dragon Palace Cave)

N 48R-588780-2891910

Tianxing Qiao (Natural Bridge)

N 48R-627350-2841550

Shuiyanba Dong

N 48R-682110-2731570

Xian Ren Qiao (Fairy Bridge)

N 48R-684220-2726290

Mengli Natural Bridge

N 48R-699490-2703540

Maguai Immortal Bridge

N 48R-700115-2690930

Jiangzhou Immortal Bridge

N 48R-704955-2701725

Shegeng Chuandong (Tunnel)

N 48R-705730-2701240

Sanmenhei Natural Bridges

N 48R-706870-2717320

Chuanlongyan (Factory Cave)

N 48R-743240-2799900


N 48R-770740-3259680

Tian Long (Sky Dragon)

N 48R-771370-3259740

Qin Long (Green Dragon)

N 48R-771920-3259840

Hei Long (Black Dragon)

N 49R-317525-2913540

Tiansheng Qiao (Gaotun Natural Bridge)

N 49R-444980-3246620

Tianxia Diyi Qiao (Bridge Across the Sky)

N 49R-445500-3246500

Xian Ren Qiao (Celestial Bridge)

N 49R-449620-3213600

Tianmen Shan (Heaven's Gate Mountain)

N 49R-450560-2771840

unnamed (Nanxu Arch)

N 50R-582290-3148220

Moon Cave

N 50Q-757035-2618320

Jing Dong (Whale Cave)

N 51Q-347480-2442540

(Beauty Rock)

N 51R-355880-2798480

Shihmen (Stone Gate)


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