NABSQNO 49R-317525-2913540

NABSQNO 49R-317525-2913540.
Tiansheng Qiao (Gaotun Natural Bridge), Guizhou Province, China
Photo by Berna and Wim Ackermans

NABSQNO 49R-317525-2913540. Tiansheng Qiao (Gaotun Natural Bridge) is a waterfall natural bridge eroded through karst by the Bazhou River, a tributary of the Fulu River. It is one of the major attractions of the Bazhou He Scenic Area, an area developed for tourism. It is located near the town of Gaotun in Liping County, Miao and Dong Nationality Autonomous Area, in Guizhou Province, China. Access is via walkways and trails that run through and over the bridge.

Tiansheng Qiao translates into English as Heaven-made (or Natural) Bridge. Thus, this exceptional natural arch has only a generic name. Because of its proximity to Gaotun, we choose to refer to it as Gaotun Natural Bridge. It has a span of about 70 meters and is one of the world's largest natural arches.

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