NABSQNO 49R-450560-2771840

NABSQNO 49R-450560-2771840.
An unnamed fin natural arch in Guangxi Province, China
Photo by Tony Waltham Geophotos (UK)

NABSQNO 49R-450560-2771840. This unnamed fin natural arch has eroded through a ridge of Guilin karst. It is located about 1 km south of the small village of Nanxu in Guangxi Province, China. Because of this proximity we refer to it as Nanxu Arch. It is about 30 km southeast of the city of Guilin.

Nanxu Arch might be considered part of the extensive Guan Yan (Crown Cave) karst system. Indeed, the stream seen in front of the arch in the photo above disappears underground just below and slightly to the south (left in the photo) of the arch. Its resurgence is 7 km to the west near Caoping on the Li Jiang River. The part of the cave near the resurgence has been developed as a tourist show cave (including a monorail). The Li Jiang is itself a world-famous tourist destination. This river, which connects Guilin with the city of Yangshuo, provides access to some of the most scenic karst terrain in the world (but does not provide access to the arch).

In 2010, NABS member Gunter Welz measured the height of Nanxu Arch as 75 meters and estimated the span as 50 meters.

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