NABSQNO 48R-706870-2717320

NABSQNO 48R-706870-2717320.
Chuanlongyan (Factory Cave), Guangxi Province, China
Photo by Steve Negler

NABSQNO 48R-706870-2717320. Chuanlongyan (Factory Cave) is a waterfall natural bridge eroded through Devonian karst by the Qaioyin River. It is located in the northern section of the city of Fengshan, Guangxi Province, China. Although this huge feature has been significantly developed by man, it is unquestionably of natural origin. The northern entrance to the opening of the arch is 96 meters across. If it was certain that its dimensions had never been modified by man, this would be the arch's span. However, that is far from certain. As a result, determining the span for this arch is problematic.

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