NABSQNO 48R-682110-2731570

NABSQNO 48R-682110-2731570.
Xian Ren Qiao (Fairy Bridge) in Guangxi Province, China
Photos by Ray Millar

NABSQNO 48R-682110-2731570. Xian Ren Qiao (Fairy Bridge) is a meander natural bridge carved through karst by the Buliu River, a tributary of the Hongshui River. It is located in northwestern Guangxi Province, China, about 130 km west of Hechi. Raft tours of the Buliu that float under this bridge are a popular tourist attraction for the area. Other modes of access appear to be difficult.

Xian Ren Qiao (Fairy Bridge) has a span of about 120 meters and a height of about 70 meters. It easily has the greatest span of any natural arch in the world so far documented.

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