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1. Other Kentucky arches on this site: Mantle Rock, Fern Bridge, Creelsboro Natural Bridge, and Natural Arch of Kentucky in the article on the Longest Spans in the Eastern U.S. Also see Natural Arch of Kentucky in the SPAN section.

2. Book: Kentucky's Land of the Arches - The Red River Gorge, by Robert H. Ruchhoft (2nd Edition, 1986). Guidebook to the Red River Gorge area including directions to 24 arches and photos of 12. Search for this book.

3. Book: Natural Arches of the Big South Fork, by Arthur McDade (2000). Search for this book.

4. DVDs: Arches of the Red River Gorge, Volumes 1 and 2, by William H. Patrick (some of his photos are in our Gallery). Each DVD provides a slide show tour with over 500 slides, with coordinates and maps. Volume 1 contains 52 arches and Volume 2 contains 78 arches. NABS members receive a 25% discount.

5. National Park Service brochure on Big South Fork Arches in PDF format available on our NABS Download Page.

6. Arch Seekers of the SouthEastern States (A.S.S.E.S.) - an official Chapter of the Natural Arch and Bridge Society. Great site for Kentucky and Tennessee arches (plus some from surrounding states).

7. Other websites:

Red River Gorge Arches
Other Kentucky Arches

Off-Trail Arches of the Cumberland Plateau

Kentucky Arches - Some buried links include Gray's Arch, Sky Bridge, Moonshiner's Arch, Princess Arch, Rock Bridge, Rock Bridge (photo 2), Rock Bridge (photo 3), Castle Arch, Stargap Arch, Stargap Arch (photo 2), Stargap Arch (photo 3), Sand Gap Arch, Henson's Cave Arch, Cave Run area, The Arch (KY-110), Short Creek Arch, Twin Arches (TN)

Kentucky - Red River Gorge - A guide by NABS member Rick Bolger

1st Annual Kentucky Arch Hunters' Weekend

Kentucky - Natural Bridge State Resort Park

Kentucky - Jones-Keeney Natural Bridge

Red River Gorge Arch Wallpapers (1024 x 768) - Gray's Arch 1 , Gray's Arch 2, Stargap Arch 1, Stargap Arch 2, Sky Bridge.

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