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September 20:

Transformers 4

July 14: 5 new arch panoramas:

Sand Dune Arch
Causeway Arch
Musselman Arch

January 25: Kellingin, Faroe Islands, Denmark


December 13: Thirteen movies added to our Movie Gallery.

The Last Days on Mars Prince Caspian The Golden Compass L'ile RRRrrrr Arsene Lupin

December 12: More Giant Arches — both confirmed and unconfirmed. As reported in SPAN Winter 2014, the "Big 14" becomes the "Big 16" as two more arches in China have been measured by Gunter Welz at over 200 feet. Zhijin Natural Bridge is over 300 feet! Yunmentum Natural Bridge is over 200 feet. In addition, The Great Arch of Getu is possibly over 200 feet. There is also a mystery arch in Namibia reported to be over 200 feet, but we are skeptical — and we haven't been able to find it (any help would be appreciated).

Gallery Gallery Gallery

December 7: Humor feature from the January 1999 issue of SPAN: Top Ten Rules for a NABS Tour Guide to Know When to Cancel a Tour

December 5: A complete set of the Journal of Natural Arch Discoveries is now available in the Members-only section.

December 1: Oman. This brings the number of countries represented in our International Gallery to 75.


November 27: Complete set of SPAN back issues is now available in the Members-only section.

November 26: Colombia


November 25: Saudi Arabia

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November 18: Long-time NABS member Robert Fagley, 92, passed away November 3, 2013, at his home in Salt Lake City, Utah. Always interested in photography and natural arches, he intended to write a book but instead developed the website Bob's Arches. In Bob's honor, his work has been preserved as a Gallery section of the NABS website:

Collet Top
West Rim Arch
Bob's Arches
By Bob Fagley (1921-2013)

November 9: October 30 Newspaper article about NABS President Larry Beck.

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