NABSQNO 12S-608905-4270781

NABSQNO 12S-608905-4270781
An unnamed arch in Grand County, Utah
Photo by Jay Wilbur

Example Propped Natural Arch

NABSQNO 12S-608905-4270781. This unnamed arch is a propped natural arch weathered in Wingate sandstone. It has a slotted aperture and a nearly vertical lintel. Notice how the joint extends upward from the opening all the way to a harder strata of sandstone that caps the ridge. It is clear that the ridge supports the lintel and not the other way around.

This arch is located in Four Arch Canyon northwest of Moab, Utah. Several 4WD trails lead to this canyon. An excellent example of an old buttress natural arch is close by and provides those interested with a great opportunity for comparison.

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