Morning Glory Natural Bridge

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Morning Glory Natural Bridge
Morning Glory Natural Bridge, near Moab, Utah.
Photo by Jay Wilbur, NABS.

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This is not a natural bridge, but it is a very large alcove arch. Robert Vreeland measured the span of this arch and reported it to be 243 feet in Volume 5 of his book series, Natures Bridges and Arches. This volume is now out of print. Jay Wilbur of NABS has confirmed this measurement.

Morning Glory Natural Bridge is located in Negro Bill Canyon near Moab, Utah. It can be reached via a 4-mile round trip hike with less than 200 feet of elevation gain. From Moab, drive north on Highway 191 for two miles and turn right (east) at the junction with Highway 128. Take Highway 128 east for 3 miles and park in the parking area at the mouth of Negro Bill Canyon, the second canyon on the right. A sign indicates the trailhead to the arch. The arch is on BLM land.

The arch is only separated from the cliff behind it by 15 feet, so it is not as spectacular or photogenic as some other arches in the area that are not as big (such as beautiful Corona Arch, which has a span of 140 feet and is just as easy to get to). Nevertheless, when you stand directly underneath the span 75 feet above you, it is a very impressive piece of rock.


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