ALG-146, Tripod Arch, unnamed area. This unusual arch is located on the trail between Tin-Aboteka and Tamrit. From Hole in the Ceiling Arch (ALG-147), continue up the trail (west) to the top of the saddle. Proceed on the trail across the reef for 15 minutes or so to a second saddle which leads you to the higher plateau. From there you leave the Sefar Sandstone Formation and enter the Tamrit Sandstone Formation (see Introduction). Hike for 25 minutes past the second saddle on a magnificent landscape of sand dune and rocks before passing this amazing arch on the side of the trail on the right. You can't miss this arch (in both senses -- it is easy to spot, and you must see this wonderful arch). From this arch it takes about two hours to reach the Tamrit site (Sonatrach camp).

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