NABSQNO 32R 567990 2729770 Algeria

ALG-147, Hole in the Ceiling Arch, Unnamed Reef One. 14 meter span (measured), 9 meter height (estimated). GPS 32R 567990 2729770. This arch is located along the trail from Tin-Aboteka to Tamrit. From the vivouac area of Tin-Aboteka, walk northwest up through rock masses and enshrined sand dunes for 200 meters to a flat area (see ALG-162, Perched Arch). Cross the flat following the trail (check with your guide) for 800 meters or so and leave the Tin-Aboteka reef by going left. Now you walk along the pinnacles of Unnamed Reef One for approximately 2.5 kilometers northwest. Then enter the reef (west) following a oued which takes you to a small saddle. Walk up the saddle to the arch, located on the side of the trail on the right. It is located about 35 minutes of hiking from the bivouac area of Tin-Aboteka.

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