ALG-10, Shelter Arch, Tin Itinen Area. 2.5 meter span, 3.5 meter height (estimated). From Tamrit hikers bivouac area, take the same route as for ALG-8 to the flat area. Choice of trails can be very confusing in this gravel area so check with your guide. There are four different trails from there. One goes to Tan-Zoumaitek and the Big Horn Fresco rock art location via ALG-9 near the Great Canyon of Tamrit. Another trail goes to Tin-Aboteka via ALG-146 and ALG-147 (see Map 1). Two alternative trails go to the Tin-Itinen and Titeras-n-Elias areas. The shortest trail is used by hikers only. If you travel alone you take the donkey trail following the guide, the donkey driver, and the donkey caravan. Described here is the donkey trail to Tin Itinen: Once on the flat area bear east on the animal tracks along some isolated rock masses containing some light rock art. After about 3 km the trail enters a low canyon. Go through this canyon and after about 30 minutes the trail emerges into the fabulous rock spire forest of Tin-Itinen. Cross it following the primitive trail east and then NE until you reach a long corridor of rock. The arch is located on the side of the trail in the middle of this corridor. There is a similar arch behind this one.

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