NABSQNO 10S-498807-4172551

NABSQNO 10S-498807-4172551
Great Western Gateway, Farallon Islands, California
Photos by Jay Wilbur

Example Sea Natural Arch

NABSQNO 10S-498807-4172551. Great Western Gateway is a sea natural arch located in the Farallon Islands, about 30 miles west of San Francisco, California. Similar to the Statue of Liberty for European immigrants, this arch became a symbol of welcome for oriental immigrants entering the United States through San Francisco during the 19th century. Once a popular tourist destination, and subsequently a dump for radioactive waste, the Farallon Islands are now preserved as a natural area for sea wildlife. Human visitation is not permitted without special permission from the US Fish and Wildlife Service. Great Western Gateway was listed in the Vreeland catalog as 21-114. It has a span of about 50 feet.

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