NABSQNO 55H-298270-5755115

NABSQNO 55H-298270-5755115.
London Bridge, Victoria, Australia
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 55H-298270-5755115. There are two completely separate sea natural arches located in Victoria, Australia with the name London Bridge. This one is, by far, the less famous of the two. It is located about 2 kilometers southwest of Portsea, near the western tip of Mornington Peninsula. Ironically, it is on a very small stretch of beach that is not part of Point Nepean National Park, although this park includes vast stretches of beach on either side of the arch. The larger opening has a span of 5 meters.

The more famous London Bridge is near Port Campbell. However, this fame is eroding as fast as the arch. Since the collapse of one of its lintels, it is now often refered to as London Arch.

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