NABSQNO 54H-668040-5723190


NABSQNO 54H-668110-5723210 (f)

NABSQNO 54H-668040-5723190.
London Arch (nee Bridge), Victoria, Australia
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 54H-668040-5723190. This sea natural arch, eroded through soft limestone, used to be a very attractive double arch. It was known throughout the world as London Bridge due to its resemblance to that famous man-made landmark. However, the inner lintel, NABSQNO 54H-668110-5723210 (f), collapsed in January 1990, stranding two tourists who had to be rescued by helicopter. The remaining arch is now known as London Arch. It is one of the many attractions of Port Campbell National Park, Victoria, Australia. Access is via the Great Ocean Road, about 11 kilometers west of the town of Port Campbell.

London Arch has a span of 23 meters. Prior to its collapse, the inner lintel had a span of 35 meters. A public domain photo of the arch prior to its collapse is below.

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