NABSQNO 11S-521046-4015579

NABSQNO 11S-521046-4015579
Death Valley Natural Bridge, California
Photo by Jay Wilbur

Example Waterfall Natural Bridge

NABSQNO 11S-521046-4015579. Death Valley Natural Bridge is an old waterfall natural bridge cut by a deeply incised runoff channel draining part of the western slopes of the Black Mountains in Death Valley National Monument, California. The sedimentary rock that forms the natural arch is geologically very young, perhaps only a few million years old. It is an example of how the age of a natural arch may be quite different from the age of the rock it formed in. Since the waterfall that created it has retreated well upstream, Death Valley Natural Bridge must be considered old and near the end of its lifecycle.

The trailhead to Death Valley Natural Bridge is about 13 miles south of Furnace Creek, California, on the east side of the paved road. The natural arch is located about 2.5 miles from this turnoff on an old road that leads up hill to the mouth of the canyon and then up canyon along the streambed. This hike should only be attempted on cool, winter days. Carry lots of water and let a park ranger know of your plans.

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