NABSQNO 56H-224460-6253960

NABSQNO 56H-224460-6253960
Carlotta Arch in the Jenolan Caves area of New South Wales, Australia
Photo by Jay Wilbur

Example Shelter Natural Arch

NABSQNO 56H-224460-6253960. Carlotta Arch is an adult shelter natural arch with a relatively slender lintel over a semicircular aperture. The arched underside of the lintel is nearly a perfect catenary. For these reasons it might be justified to consider this arch old. Using the less speculative designation 'adult' is probably preferred in this borderline case, however.

Carlotta Arch is located in the Jenolan Caves area of New South Wales, Australia, a few kilometers west of Sidney. It can be viewed from the paved road that runs through the area. Alternatively, a hiking trail leads the adventurous to the opposite side of the arch. There are several interesting arches at this location.

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