NABSQNO 32R 572523 2720575 Algeria

ALG-553, Arch of Silence, Tin Kani Area. 4.1 meter height (measured). GPS 32R 572523 2720575. From the hill top described for ALG-552 (Basement Arch), walk 500 meters north across a platform empty of rock outcrops to this arch. Photo taken close to sunset. More photos of this nice arch can be found here. 200 meters north of this arch, you can find a mushroom rock at a higher elevation. This is the most elevated area of Tin-Kani site. From here you have a spectacular view around the area, specially of the Tissouar bowl. The mushroom rock is also the key to finding ALG-194 (Surprise Arch) nearby. This is the easiest way to find the well-hidden Surprise Arch.

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