NABSQNO 32R 567524 2720805 Algeria

ALG-194, Surprise Arch, Tin Kani Area. 7.3 meter span (measured). GPS 32R 567524 2720805. This arch is located farther down the corridor from ALG-193, hidden up on the rock (right). The arch cannot be spotted from the corridor floor. It is very hard to get to and requires free-climbing up a crack or use of rope. In the photo, NABS members Tom Budlong and Daniel Putelat are seen under the arch, providing scale. The name comes from the surprise of the team to find an attractive arch there. The area of ALG-193, ALG-194, and ALG-195 can be reached from the gueltas (potholes) located on the other side of the bowl of Tin-Kani (east). Check with your guide. See also ALG-553.

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