ALG-434, Shade Arch, Ti-Spad Area. 8.4 meter span (main opening), 1.3 meter span (small opening), both measured. GPS 32R 574984 2726733. From the Sefar camp area (many bivouac locations) described with ALG-57, walk to Oued Sefar and cross it. Walk up hill south on the painting trail called Sefar le Blanc ("The White Sefar"). Check with your guide for directions. Proceed on the trail to the top of the slick rock dome hill, then bear southeast and following the cairned trail (some poor cairns) on slick rock. Progressively the trail enters into outcropping rocks and then into a low corridor. This is the normal way to Ti-Spad. After several hundred meters the corridor begins to get deeper. The arch is located on the right side of the trail after about 20 minutes hiking from Sefar camp.

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