NABSQNO 32R 574961 2727718 Algeria

ALG-57, Balanced Rock Arch, Sefar Low Maze Area. 5.3 meter span, 4.7 meter height (measured). GPS 32R 574961 2727718. From ALG-98, continue on the cairned trail southeast towards Sefar camp for about 15 minutes. Cross a major wash (Oued Sefar) and climb on the other side to the official camp of Sefar (many standing rocks with shelters). From the bivouac area hike the trail east into a corridor of rock towards the main guelta of Sefar. After 150 meters, the trail turns left and passes a nice double arch (uncatalogued). Then the trail turns right and goes to a sandy flat devoid of rocks but with some acacia trees some 100 meters from the double arch. There is a very nice rock art along the way (Buffalo Painting). Cross the sandy flat (east) and find this arch among the rocks on the other side close to a nice balanced rock. In the photo, the shadow inside the arch is on the wall behind the arch. This shadow considerably reduces the apparent span length in the photo. This arch is very nice.

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