NABSQNO 32R 575297 2727966 Algeria

ALG-58, Hippo Head Arch, Sefar Low Maze Area. 10.3 meter span by 2.7 meter height (measured). GPS 32R 575297 2727966. From the balanced rock close to ALG-57, work your way east for 80 meters to reach a deep corridor. You have to pass under boulders on the way. Once in the corridor, walk northeast and turn right in the first perpendicular corridor. Follow this corridor about 150 meters to a guelta with some furze (water plants). From the guelta climb east up slickrock to an obvious notch in the rock. Cross it and after a bit you arrive in a terrace of rock with an expansive view of the desert plain. ALG-58 is located about 100 meters on the right (east). From the terrace you can see the Akakus Plateau in Libya, 60 km distant.

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