Overlook Arch
NABSQNO 32R 551394 2750473 Algeria

ALG-366, Overlook Arch, North Idou Area Outskirts. 10.5 meter span, 3.3 meters height (both measured). GPS 32R 551394 2750473. From ALG-365 (Pagoda Arch) walk south 500 meters among the numerous domes of slickrock to find a little drainage. Cross the sandy drainage and climb up one of the elongated tilted domes permitting access to the rock above you. Please use caution here! Do not take a direct route (may be difficult) and take time to find the one easy and safe way. Remember, you are in an isolated area. This part of the Park is not much visited much and it is usual not to find anybody there for long periods (several weeks). Once on the top, continue south through rock formations to find the arch overhanging the Oued Idou (pronounced Idoo) on the side of the cliff. Beautiful view of the wash and the fins along it from the arch. The author on the left corner of the span provides scale to the photo. Note: If you proceed in the small drainage described above for a few meters downstream into the narrows, you can exit the reef to the Oued Idou and visit the fins area. This area is described on the way to ALG-223.

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