Niche Arch
NABSQNO 32R 550238 2751774 Algeria

ALG-357, Niche Arch, North Idou Area Outskirts. 13.4 meter span (measured). GPS 32R 550238 2751774. From Tissouka Islet 1 (see Index Page 21), leave the islet southwest staying outside on the desolate flat. Walk about 50 minutes (with your guide and donkey caravan) along the reef side on the flat, staying as close as possible to the rock masses, to Idou area. Check with your guide. The arch is located on the reef side on one of the numerous outcropping rocks in the area. This is a double arch. The author suggests a nice base camp 200 meters east of this arch on a beautiful amphitheater of jagged rocks. Do not forget, the bivouac place is always subject to agreement with your guide. Photo taken at sunset.

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