NABSQNO 32R 549722 2753826 Algeria

ALG-256, Quicksand Arch, Tissoukai Area Islet One. Large opening, 5.6 meter span by 4.4 meter height; small opening 1.7 meter span (all measured). GPS 32R 549722 2753826. From ALG-225 (Fin Arch), walk 400 meters west and leave Islet 2 via an obvious passage. Cross the flat southwest 800 meters to the rock masses of Islet 1. Walk across rock masses and spires 450 meters southwest to the top of a large flat sand dune. The arch is located among the standing rocks. The wonderment of this islet is outstanding. The standing rocks are enshrined with several beautiful sand dunes. The largest sand dune reaches 40 meters in height. At the top you can view the whole islet.

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