ALG-191, Trophy Arch, Tin Kani Area. 1.5 meter span (estimated). From ALG-189 or from the Sefar bivouac area (see ALG-57), leave the reefs and walk south across the plateau. Hike the flat landscape on the trails (check with your guide) for about three hours to the reef of Tin-Kani. When you approach the Tin-Kani site you have a great view from the top of a slickrock slope (gully). From the top, climb down the sandy slope south and cross a little valley (wash). On the other side, ascend the strenuous pass (cairned trail) to the flat bowl of Tissouar (official campsite of Tin-Kani). From the campsite located at the bottom of the bowl, continue on the trail (near an isolated spire) and climb up a rocky pass into a deep corridor marked with cairns. At the exit of the pass, the trail passes a beautiful balanced rock. From the balanced rock, continue on the trail and bypass the big enshrined sand dune 200 meters to the arch on the right side of the trail.

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