NABSQNO 32R 573328 2706886 Algeria

ALG-61, Long Slit Arch, Jabbaren Area. 7.5 meter span (measured). GPS 32R 573328 2706886. This arch is located at the Jabbaren site on the lower part of the cairned loop trail. You can find the arch where the trail skirts the canyon valley rim. Jabbaren site can be reached from the Tin-Kani site via Tin-Essou (about 6 hours hiking) or from Djanet-Ifni and the 4WD road to the bottom of the Tassili cliff. From there it will take 4 hours to climb to the Jabbaren site via Akba Aroum (Aroum Pass). Jabbaren site is located on the lower level of the plateau ledge. There are few natural arches in the area but an abundance of great rock art. Most of the people who visit the Jabbaren site do not use donkney but hike there and back on the same day. If this is your choice, be ready for a very long and strenuous day. To fully enjoy the site, the author recommends a minimum two day trip. Jabbaren means "giant" in the Tamahaq dialect.

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