NABSQNO 32R 781496 2730190 Algeria

ALG-13, Imestar Arch, Tin Tazarift West Area. 21 meter span (measured), largest of 3 openings. GPS 32R 781496 2730190. From ALG-80 return to the trail and proceed along the sandy valley. After 30 minutes cross some slickrock to a flat area of black gravel. Proceed on the trail (hard to follow) NE across the flat along a oued (wash). Continue another 30 minutes to arrive at an amazing pinnacle of chaotic rocks. Bypass this on the right by crossing a oued and climb up a rocky butte to the top. Once on top you reach a large gravel flat surrounded by two pinnacle buttes. The arch can be seen from here on the skyline to the north up on the "reef". Work your way to the arch (easy). Imestar is the Tuareg name for Golden Eagle. In the photo, notice the guide at the bottom left of the opening for scale.

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