ALG-80, Figurine Arch, Tin Itinen Area. 2 meter span, lower (horizontal) opening (estimated). From ALG-12 proceed on the trail NE for about 250 meters to an obvious flat bowl. Here is the junction with the alternative trail from Tamrit and the forks for Sefar and Tin-Tazarift. The area is very confusing, so be sure to check with your guide. From the bowl, take the alternative trail toward Tamrit (west) for about 350 meters until you pass along side a natural arch with a boulder inside the opening (this arch is not a major one and is not cataloged but is still a useful landmark). ALG-80 is located just before this one near a thin rock (100 meters below two sand dunes against the rocks). Note that in the photo it is a bit hard to spot the lower (horizontal) opening because there is no sky through the opening.

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