NABSQNO 19Q-749010-2046350

NABSQNO 19Q-749010-2046350.
Cueva del Indio in Arecibo Municipality, Puerto Rico
Photo by Jay Wilbur
NABSQNO 19Q-749010-2046350. Cueva del Indio is a sea natural arch eroded by wave action through an ancient coral reef (limestone). It is located at Punta las Tunas in Arecibo Municipality, Puerto Rico. Cueva del Indio is also the name of the tourist area that includes this and two other significant sea natural arches. A nominal fee is charged for a guided tour that visits all three arches. The name derives from native Taino petroglyphs found in the opening of this arch. Cueva del Indio has a span of 15 feet.

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