NABSQNO 19Q-731900-1987460

NABSQNO 19Q-731900-1987460.
A sign with a likeness of Punta Ventana in Guayanilla Municipality, Puerto Rico
Photo by Jay Wilbur
NABSQNO 19Q-731900-1987460. Punta Ventana is a sea natural arch eroded by wave action through an ancient coral reef (limestone). It has a span of about 40 feet.

Unfortunately, Punta Ventana and the public beach next to it have become the center of a hotly contested legal battle. Although the beach and arch are public lands, all of the land around Punta Ventana is privately held by a single owner. Prior to 2006, public access to the beach and the arch was graciously granted by this landowner via privately maintained roads. In 2006, the owner partnered with an energy development company to propose building a wind farm on the site. This proposal was immediately blocked in the courts by environmental groups. Locals also opposed the proposal, wanting to keep the area a scenic tourist destination. In May 2007, these interests organized a demonstration on the site to protest the proposal. In reaction, the landowner closed all land access to the beach and arch. In September 2007, an oil spill of unknown origin closed access by sea. Suspicions and emotions continue to run high on both sides of the controversy. Consequently, access to the arch is not possible at this time (2008).

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