NABSQNO 19Q-728310-1986060

NABSQNO 19Q-728310-1986060.
An unnamed sea natural arch in Guayanilla Municipality, Puerto Rico
Photo by Jay Wilbur
NABSQNO 19Q-728310-1986060. This very interesting sea natural arch has been eroded by wave action through an ancient coral reef (limestone). It is unnamed. It is located very close to Guanica Natural Bridge (NABSQNO 19Q-728290-1986070) in Guayanilla Municipality, Puerto Rico. It has a span of 20 feet and a height of about 1 foot, depending upon the tide. At its narrowest, the lintel has a width of 2 feet and a thickness of less than a foot. The lintel is weak structurally and is likely to collapse in the very near future.

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