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NABSQNO 19Q-728290-1986070.
Guanica Natural Bridge in Guayanilla Municipality, Puerto Rico
Photo by Jay Wilbur
NABSQNO 19Q-728290-1986070. Guanica Natural Bridge is a sea natural arch eroded by wave action through an ancient coral reef (limestone). It is located just beyond (east of) the excellent public beaches southeast of Guanica, but is actually in Guayanilla Municipality, Puerto Rico. It has a span of 10 feet.

Although technically Guanica Natural Bridge is too small to be classified as significant, it is photogenic and receives a great deal of visitation. Consequently, unlike several much larger sea natural arches in Puerto Rico, it has been given a name. Ironically, the name refers to the nearby beach rather than the municipality that actually contains the arch. Additionally, it is not a natural bridge.

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