NABSQNO 14S-423600-3867900

NABSQNO 14S-423600-3867900.
Vinson Natural Bridge in Greer County, Oklahoma
Photo by John Burns

NABSQNO 14S-423600-3867900. Vinson Natural Bridge is a meander natural bridge eroded by Grape Creek through alternating layers of Quatermaster Formation gypsum and sandstone. It is located on leased private property about 3 miles north of Vinson, Oklahoma, in Greer County. Access requires permission of both the land owner and the leasee. Visiting this natural bridge is currently not practical.

Vincent Natural Bridge used to be a popular spot for local picnics. It has been known of since the 1880's, when this land was homesteaded by Mr. Jack Frances. Unfortunately, the land is now closed to the public because of liability concerns. The area is heavily populated by rattlesnakes. John Burns reports that the span of the arch is about 50 feet.

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