NABSQNO 14S-422680-3881625

NABSQNO 14S-422680-3881625.
A cluster of four unnamed waterfall natural bridges in Beckham County, Oklahoma
Photos by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 14S-422680-3881625. These four unnammed waterfall natural bridges have eroded through alternating layers of Quatermaster Formation gypsum and sandstone. The lintels of all four are harder gypsum layers. All four are aligned along a side drainage of a tributary of Minnow Creek. They are located on private property about 10 miles south of Erick, in Beckham County, Oklahoma. Access requires permission of the land owner.

Because these four bridges are located so close together, they are documented as a cluster and have been given a single NABSQNO marking the cluster's center. The largest and southernmost of the bridges has a span of 19 feet. It and the third member of the cluster (counting south to north) are pictured above. These bridges were first reported to NABS by John Burns.

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