NABSQNO 18T-592370-4844410

NABSQNO 18T-592370-4844410
Adirondack Natural Stone Bridge, Warren County, New York
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 18T-592370-4844410. Adirondack Natural Stone Bridge is probably best considered a cavern natural arch, although it is close to becoming a true waterfall natural bridge. It has been eroded through gneiss by Trout Brook. It is the main attraction of the private tourist park, Natural Stone Bridge and Caves, located about 2 miles northwest of Pottersville, Warren County, New York. A fee is charged for accessing the arch and the many other features of the park.

Adirondack Natural Stone Bridge has a span of about 20 feet. It was included in the Vreeland catalog as number 13-4.

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