NABSQNO 13S-384620-3960810

NABSQNO 13S-384620-3960810
Bat Cave (left) and an unnamed double natural arch in Bandelier National Monument, New Mexico
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 13S-384620-3960810. Bandelier National Monument is famous for its man-made ruins carved from the soft volcanic tuff walls of Frijoles Canyon. But these same cliffs, and several of the nearby boulders, have also eroded naturally to create dozens, if not hundreds, of small natural arches. Probably the one of these that commands the most interest is Bat Cave. This small cave natural arch is located above Long House on the main ruins trail within the Monument, Sandoval County, New Mexico. It has a span of about 4 feet. It is named for its current inhabitants, a colony of Mexican Free-tailed bats. The other small double arch pictured above is located nearby.

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