NABSQNO 13S-220850-3610150

NABSQNO 13S-220850-3610150
City of Rocks Arch in Grant County, New Mexico
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 13S-220850-3610150. City of Rocks Arch is an irregular natural arch eroded through volcanic tuff. Because the base of the arch has been modified by man to integrate it with the adjacent campground, it is no longer possible to determine how this arch formed. Hence, it has been assigned to the irregular type. It is located in City of Rocks State Park, in Grant County, about 26 miles northwest of Deming, New Mexico. Access is via park roads. Vreeland included this arch in his catalog as number 17-10.

City of Rocks Arch has a current span of about 12 feet, although this must have been larger prior to park modifications. There are other, smaller natural arches nearby. They are easily found by exploring behind this one.

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