NABSQNO 36S-760910-3765660

NABSQNO 36S-760910-3765660
Jisr el-Hajar near Faqra, Lebanon
Photo by Youssef Fakhreddine
NABSQNO 36S-760910-3765660. Jsir el-Hajar is an adult waterfall natural bridge cut through limestone by the stream Nahr el Laban. Also known as Kfardebian Natural Bridge, it is located near the skiing area of Faqra, Lebanon, on the slopes of Mount Lebanon at an elevation of about 1700 meters. It has a span of 125 feet, a height of 70 feet, a thickness of 30 feet, and a width of 75 feet. In the photo above, note the person standing on the western end of the lintel. Access from Beirut is via good roads: first north through the Nahr el Kalb tunnel (18km from Beirut), then turn right at the Ajaltoun off ramp heading uphill towards Faraya. The bridge is found on the road between Faraya and Faqra.

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