NABSQNO 11S-317162-4147000

NABSQNO 11S-317162-4147000.
Arch Rock, Fresno County, California
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 11S-317162-4147000. Several of the natural arches in California have been given the official name of Arch Rock. This one is an abandoned natural arch located on Saddle Mountain in the Sierra National Forest. The location plotted on the Sharktooth Peak 1982 topographic quad is wrong by a considerable distance. The correct location is given here. Access is via a well maintained hiking trail that climbs 2400 feet over a distance of about 3 miles, or by horseback tour from Vermilion campground on Lake Thomas Edison. Despite the difficulty of reaching it, along with its unjustly prosaic name, this natural arch is arguably the most interesting natural arch in California and is well worth visiting. It is listed as 21-13 in the Vreeland catalog with a reported span of 40 feet.

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