NABSQNO 56H-224400-6253890

NABSQNO 56H-224400-6253890.
Grand Arch and Carlotta Arch, New South Wales, Australia
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 56H-224400-6253890. The Jenolan Caves karst complex includes over a dozen caves and a cluster of natural arches. The largest, Grand Arch, is a waterfall natural bridge eroded through limestone. A paved road now leads through the arch. It has a span of 21 meters, although the passageway expands to an extent of about 70 meters. It has a width of over 140 meters. Carlotta Arch is located above Grand Arch, but formed in a quite different way.

Jenolan Caves were discovered by Europeans in 1838. James Whalen was tracking an escaped convict when he entered the area. Whalen returned to the area the next day with a large party, including two nephews who immediately began offering guided tours to the public. They were successful in this endevor for 30 years. In 1867, the government set aside the area as a Reserve.

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