NABSQNO 15S-498073-3951787

NABSQNO 15S-498073-3951787.
Unnamed natural arches, Pope County, Arkansas
Photos by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 15S-498073-3951787. The Pedestal Rocks Scenic Area is located in northern Pope County, Arkansas. It is part of the Ozark National Forest managed by the USFS. Access is via route 16, east of Pelsor. A two mile loop trail leads past several interesting geological features, including at least 15 natural arches. Most of these are clustered in a bluff at about the halfway point of the trail. The photos above are representative examples.

The NABSQNO reference number assigned above, and the map location linked to below, mark the approximate center of the cluster. The arches in the cluster are cataloged together as a single entry. They include examples of cave, pillar, and buttress natural arches. All have eroded in Prairie Grove sandstone. Spans range up to 18 feet, but the size of some appear much larger due to the rock houses behind them.

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