NABSQNO 16S-585686-3806917

NABSQNO 16S-585686-3806917.
High Falls Natural Bridge, De Kalb County, Alabama
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 16S-585686-3806917. High Falls Natural Bridge is a young meander natural bridge of particular interest because it occurs at a waterfall! Despite this usually definitive contextual attribute, however, it is clear from the arch's morphology that it is a meander natural bridge and not a waterfall natural bridge. The arch is in a wall of rock that extends forward from, and perpendicular to, the line of the falls. The wall was created by the erosive action of water flowing over a series of parallel, vertical joints. The flow of water first enlarged the joints and then isolated the wall of rock. Water continued to flow on either side of the wall, weakening it until wall collapse occurred. A classic semicircular aperture is the result. The arch is considered young because water fills the base of the opening.

High Falls Natural Bridge gets its name from High Falls, the waterfall on Town Creek where the arch occurs. Both are located in High Falls County Park in De Kalb County, Alabama, a few miles northwest of the small town of Geraldine.

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