NABSQNO 16S-561636-3813282

NABSQNO 16S-561636-3813282.
Honeycomb Natural Bridge, Marshall County, Alabama
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 16S-561636-3813282. Honeycomb Natural Bridge is a young waterfall natural bridge that resembles a pothole natural arch with a spring. This is because the underground waterway had a significant slope when roof collapse occurred. It is located on private land north of Guntersville in Marshall County, Alabama. The owner encourages courteous and respectful visitation. Access is via US 431 and Natural Bridge Lane.

Honeycomb Natural Bridge has a span of about 25 feet. Although it gets its name from a small nearby community, the arch is located on a sloping karst cliff that is riddled with small underground waterways and springs. Thus, the name is doubly deserved.

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