NABSQNO 16S-443353-3772544

NABSQNO 16S-443353-3772544.
Natural Bridge of Alabama, Winston County, Alabama
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 16S-443353-3772544. Natural Bridge of Alabama is an impressive adult cave natural arch eroded through sandstone. It is located just west of the town of Natural Bridge in western Winston County, Alabama. Access is via US 278. The arch is the major attraction of a commercial tourist property that charges a fee for visitors to walk to and view the arch.

Natural Bridge of Alabama is a double arch. The larger of the two openings has a span of 76 feet. Taken together, however, the two openings have a combined span of over 100 feet. Brochures available at the visitor center claim a span of 148 feet, but this is most likely an estimate of the extent of the arch rather than a true measurement of the span.

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