NABSQNO 15T-672729-5215335

NABSQNO 15T-672729-5215335
One of many sea arches in the Apostle Islands, Wisconsin
Photo by Gary Wilbur

NABSQNO 15T-672729-5215335. The Apostle Islands, the northernmost tip of Wisconsin that extends into Lake Superior, have been designated as the Apostle Islands National Lakeshore. These islands boast one of the largest concentrations of natural arches in the world, all classified as sea natural arches. Many of these arches are large and exceptionally photogenic. Several have fallen, and new ones formed, in the short span of history in which they have been documented. Unlike some other areas with high concentrations of natural arches, no comprehensive catalog of these arches has been published. It would be a daunting task to compile such a catalog. For this reason, this entire cluster of arches is designated using UTM coordinates near the center of Devils Island, where many of these arches are located. However, others of the Apostles are laden with arches as well, notably Sand Island. The arch pictured above was chosen because it also represented the cluster in the Vreeland catalog, where it appeared as number 14-18. A representative sample of these arches can be seen on commercial tours that are run out of Bayfield, Wisconsin.

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