NABSQNO 12S-609078-4212288

NABSQNO 12S-609078-4212288.
Angel Arch in Canyonlands National Park, Utah
Photo by Jay Wilbur

NABSQNO 12S-609078-4212288. Angel Arch is one of the premier features of Canyonlands National Park, and one of the finest examples of a natural arch anywhere. The half-semicircular shape of the opening and the obvious stress relief patterns on the northern abutment strongly suggest that it formed as a buttress natural arch. However, subsequent erosion of the southern abutment has removed much of the load that the lintel once bore.

Angel Arch has eroded through a narrow ridge of Cedar Mesa sandstone. It is located in Salt Creek drainage system in the Needles Section of Canyonlands National Park, San Juan County, Utah. Vreeland included Angel Arch as number 3-1 in his catalog and reported a span of 120 feet and a height of 135 feet.

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