NABSQNO 19Q-735470-2026590

NABSQNO 19Q-735470-2026590.
Cueva del Arco in Utuado Municipality, Puerto Rico
Photos by Jay Wilbur
NABSQNO 19Q-735470-2026590. Cueva del Arco is a waterfall natural bridge eroded through karst by Rio Tanama. It is the largest (in terms of span), most photogenic, and easiest to reach of six such bridges carved by that river. It has a span of 70 feet, a height of 120 feet, and a width of about 350 feet.

Puerto Rico boasts one of the world's most impressive karst regions. Rio Tanama runs through this rugged country, forming part of the border between Utuado and Arecibo Municipalites. Two of the Tanama natural bridges are in Utuado, including Cueva del Arco. Two others are in Arecibo, and the remaining two are on that border. One of the bridges in Arecibo is immediately adjacent to the famous Arecibo Radio Telescope and Observatory. The locations of all six bridges are marked on the Google Map below.

The services of a local guide are strongly recommended for anyone wanting to visit any of these arches. Roberto Acosta of Expediciones Tanama is recommended. In 2008, his phone number was 787-894-7685. Mr. Acosta prefers to converse in Spanish.

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